Our Speciality

We are manufacturing fabric bearings for rolling mills starting from 7'' Mill upto heavy steel plants. We are manufacturing very high quality products.

Our Speciality

  • Being highly resistant to abrasion, it gives much longer service performance than others.

  • Its large loading capacity brings about higher efficiency of the machine.

  • Water , the cheapest lubricant, can be used on the Bearings thus dispencing with the costly use of lubricating oils and/ or greases. If necessary, oil may be used on these Bearings that will surely give still higher efficiency than when the same is used on other bearings.

  • Its ability for water lubrication affords the convenience of using at those parts, where oil-lubricated Bearings cannot be used.

  • Being moulded out of plastic, which is an organic material, the surface of bearing does not require costly machining before it is fitted on the Roll Stands
  • Light Weight and easy to handle.

  • The specific gravity of Phenolic Plastic is 1.36 which is approximately 1/5 th of any non-ferrous metal.

  • Peculiar friction quantity:

  • As a characteristic common to all organic materials, it has a peculiar frictional behaviour. Easy to slide when wet and hard to slide when dry.Taking advantage of these contrasting qualities, the material is usedat once for Bearing and Braking purposes.

  • High resistance to water, oil and acid.

  • Thermal and electrical insulation : Sudershan Fibre Enterprises PVT.LTD. is an excellent insulator of heat and electricity.

  • Increased durability and efficiency:-

Machines using SUDERSHAN Fibre Enterprises PVT.LTD. Bearings have longer services of performance and high production efficiency.

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